Opportunities within Horticulture Programme 2022

The series is designed to highlight opportunities and provide support to businesses who wish to diversify into horticulture. Diversification can make your business more resilient by helping spread business risk, providing an alternative income and creating rural employment.

Wednesday 26th January: Practical management in horticulture direct from growers

There are many Horticulture opportunities that are realistic options for generating additional revenue and this session will explore just some of them. With food security and local supply chains becoming increasingly important to consumers the demand for quality Welsh grown fruit, veg and plants currently outstrips supply.

Current farmers that have already taken advantages of these opportunities will share their experiences and provide practical advice.

Rachel and Rob Saunders – Vale PYO

Llew Williams – Bontnewydd Farm Foods

The session will be led by Chris Creed ADAS. He has worked first-hand with these farmers on their journey into their horticultural enterprises and will provide valuable industry knowledge and experience.


Tuesday 22nd  February 4pm : Key to success – Marketing and Selling your business

Hear first-hand from Paviland Farm’s Chris Harry Thomas and Claire Austin Hardy Plants Ric Kenwood about how they have established different routes to market to sell their products.

 Chris is joined by Ric Kenwood Claire Austin Hardy Plants  who has a wealth of knowledge on marketing. He will also talk about how he uses digital marketing to boost sales during traditionally quieter months. 

Whether trialling a new idea or making a permanent change to the business, diversifying presents an opportunity to tap into new or existing local and national markets, whilst developing an additional income stream to support the current business model. Developing a strong marketing campaign is the key to success.


Monday 21st March - Making your business stand out from the crowd

With 44 years in the horticultural industry, leading business consultant Neville Stein certainly knows how to make a business stand out from the crowd. In this informative and interesting webinar Neville will explore how you can differentiate your product offering, service and price and will illustrate his ideas with practical examples and provide low-cost tips that are immediately implementable.  

Further sessions will be held later in the Spring. This training programme is designed to provide support to businesses wishing to tap into these other Horticultural Opportunities. This will be supported through our existing Networks and 1:1 advice from Industry experts. To discuss joining a network please email tyfucymru@lantra.co.uk


This is a continuation of our Diversifying into Horticulture Programme that ran in 2021, here are the links to the past webinars


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