The Diversifying into Horticulture Programme is designed to give non-horticulture based farmers the essential support needed to branch out into the sector. Whether trialling a new idea or making a permanent change to the business, diversifying presents an opportunity to tap into new or existing local and national markets, whilst developing an additional income stream to support the current business model. This initial session covers an introduction to the programme, an exploration into horticulture business models and routes to market, and considerations for diversification and opportunities in the sector.

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Webinar: Diversifying into Horticulture: Considerations for leasing land, creating contracts, and hiring staff or trainees

In this session we will explore the terms that require consideration for both the land owner and the new enterprise before signing a contract or agreement.

4/21/2021 3:25:14 PM

Webinar: Keep it Welsh! Maximising your business potential for growth

The Diversifying into Horticulture Programme is designed to offer support to Welsh farmers, landowners, growers and others who are considering diversification into plant and vegetable production. It’s also an opportunity for current growers consideri…

4/8/2021 11:18:31 AM

Webinar: Diversifying into Horticulture: Navigating the Planning Process

In this session, Lucie Taylor, a chartered town planner of 20 years and working for Social Farms and Gardens for the last 7 set out the current planning regime around polytunnels and other structures commercial growers may need. She enlightened us on…

3/16/2021 3:57:42 PM