Wales Horticulture Alliance Group

Boosting horticulture farming is key to the Welsh Government’s plans to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and is identified by their Green Recovery Taskforce as a route to accelerating Wales’ transition to a low-carbon economy and a healthier, more equal nation. 

Tyfu Cymru will lead the Wales Horticulture Alliance Group to help to define a vision and strategy for the whole horticulture sector across Wales. It will help to co-ordinate and promote opportunities and will work collaboratively to define and overcome some of the challenges the sector faces. The alliance will help shape and define future policy & strategy documents for the likes of industry and Welsh Government such as the Commercial Horticulture Plan 2020 (

The Group membership will comprise those involved in horticulture in Wales who have the desire to see the industry grow and see its profile raised. Read more: Tyfu Cymru to lead the Wales Horticulture Alliance Group


Wales Plant Health Evidence & Advisory Group

The year 2020 was the International Year of Plant Health and Tyfu Cymru hosted the Wales Plant Health Conference which drew attention to the importance of plant health for the production of high-quality plants. 

The Welsh strategies for plant health need to be world-leading in the same way that Wales has led in sustainable development. So, following on form the conference, it was decided that a Group would be formed, working with the Welsh Government and APHA and to provide a platform represent the interests of commercial horticulture.
The Inaugural meeting was held in June and covered issues facing growers in the ornamental and edible sectors. Tyfu Cymru provides the secretariat with Dr David Skydmore, Plant Health Advisor to Tyfu Cymru, as Chair. The Group comprises members from the Welsh Government, APHA, NRW, National Botanic Garden of Wales, ADAS, RHS, HTA, ConFor, Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities, and grower representatives, all providing essential input to discussions.
The Group looks forward to collecting the views of Tyfu Cymru stakeholders, in the horticulture industry, and providing evidence and advice.


Ornamental Industry Group

Through this Industry Group Tyfu Cymru brings together key ornamental businesses to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the horticulture industry in Wales.

This closed group provides a platform for communication and collaboration between businesses, offering the industry a collective voice. Furthermore, the group establishes a supportive network to overcome challenges and take full advantage of opportunities.

The Group looks to encourage more resiliency within the industry through improved efficiencies, increased adaptability and addressing the sustainability agenda. The groups inaugural meeting took place in February 2022.


Member of the Agriculture Industry Climate Change Forum (AICCF)

AICCF aims to support the agriculture sector (i.e. land in agricultural management and wider aspects of the primary production supply chain) to transition to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and to assist the sector to adapt to climate change.

As a member Tyfu Cymru represents Welsh horticulture within this forum, collaborating with other organisations and stakeholders to help ensure the industry meets Government emission reduction targets.