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Our year long course in Intermediate Vegetable Seed Production is designed to take you through the politics and practicalities of producing seed on your farm. We will look at how to cultivate, select and harvest seed, including how to grow seed to a commercial standard for sale. We will look at the ethics of seed production and the history of seed growing in the UK.
This course is run as a partnership between the Seed Sovereignty Programme and Tyfu Cymru. Made up of webinars, online study groups and independent growing, the course is designed to run across the year. Participants should attend all ten sessions, as well as growing their own seed crop on their farm.

All sessions will be facilitated by the Gaia Foundation Seed Sovereignty Coordinator for Wales: katie@gaianet.org

If you have any questions about the programme please contact us at tyfucymru@lantra.co.uk or katie@gaianet.org


  • Basic plant botany
  • Pollination: insect, wind, self
  • Basic isolation strategies
  • Population sizes: inbreeders and outbreeders
  • Annuals: overview of considerations
  • Biennials: overview of considerations
  • Rotation
  • Space requirements
  • Support structures


Accompanying Webinars /Resources