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Traditionally ornamentals producers used to propagate much of their own stock, however in recent years some growers have become plant finishers; buying in all of their young plant material. The bedding sector in particular has specialist young plant producers with a high level of automation and efficiency that is almost impossible to match. Many hardy nursery stock producers have retained in house propagation facilities and skills and propagate a percentage of their stock in house whilst buying other lines in as young plants in plugs or liners.

Concerns over plant health and the price / availability of stock post Brexit and the need to maintain cashflow as a result of the impact of Covid-19 has resulted in an increased desire to propagate certain lines in house. Various propagation techniques and production systems can be considered although some are more suited to certain species; most systems have pros and cons to consider. Timing is vitally important to ensure that cuttings are taken when propagation material is at the optimum stage to root.

This online meeting will focus on the pros and cons of in house propagation versus buying in rooted young plant material and the various propagation systems that can be considered for key hardy nursery stock species.