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In this our first Nut Power Hour Tom Tame from TR Tame & Son – Granary Oils & Warwickshire Walnuts will be sharing his knowledge. This is a great opportunity to explore commercial nut growing alongside your existing crop growing activities so join us for what should be a really informative session

Tom has a young walnut orchard (<10yrs) with some mature seedling trees, they harvest their own walnuts, collect locally and also source from other areas of the UK.

With a full washing, drying, cracking, shelling capability they sell walnuts as whole nuts, shelled, pressed oils and also hand creams.

Tom imports and sells selected grafted cultivars for the garden, farm and commercial growers. These include grafted trees of Juglans & Carya -Heartnuts, Hickories, Pecans and Pecan Hybrids.
In this Power Hour Tom will be talking about Walnut trees for fruit production focusing on:

Planting Environment

• Ungrazed Orchard, agroforestry/sylvopasture ?
• Soil
• Water
• Aspect
• Protection

Consideration of Trees

• Cultivar choice
• Number of trees, planting density
• Irrigation
• Feeding

Cropping /Harvest

• Harvesting – Collection, Hulling, Washing & Drying
• Pickling or Mature?


• Unshelled desert nuts, shelled nuts, or walnut oil?