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Tyfu Cymru welcomes you to the launch of the Plant Health in Horticulture Conference this October, which aims to bring together commercial growers and stakeholders from across the horticulture industry. This is a great opportunity for businesses to deepen their knowledge of how they can reduce waste and losses resulting from pests and diseases, improve business through plant health diagnosis, as well as understanding of compliance with biosecurity and plant health legislation now and after Brexit. There will be key briefings from Welsh Government, and leading plant health professionals as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with plant health experts and horticulture sector leaders.

The conference will be held virtually over a two-week period with daily sessions delivered in a range of formats from talks to virtual tours to panel discussions.

Tyfu Cymru look forward to hosting the conference and welcoming speakers and delegates from all corners of the country.

The Plant Health in Horticulture Conference is 100% fully funded by Tyfu Cymru in collaboration with the National Botanic Garden of Wales


Full programme details will be available shortly. Here is an overview:

Mon 12th October 9.00 – 9.45:                 Conference Welcome and Introduction

Tues 13th October 9.30-10.00:                 The Role of Trade Associations: Supporting commercial horticulture through advice and representation

Wed 14th October 13.00-14.00:                Virtual Tour of Crug Farm

Thurs 15th October 13.00-14.00:              Virtual Tour National Botanic Garden of Wales

Fri 16th October 11.45-12.30:                   Biosecurity policy and legislation panel discussion

Mon 19th October 9.30-10.00:                   Plant Health and assuring healthy stock

Tues 20th October 17.15-18.00:                Pests and Disease: threats, their diagnosis and reporting

Wed 21st October 17.15-18.00:                 Integrated Pest Management and environmentally sensitive control

Thurs 22nd October 17.15-18.00:              Pest and disease identification and control for commercial growers

Fri 23rd October 13.00-14.00:                   Closing of the Conference

Please be aware that conference details are subject to change at short notice.


Registration information

To register for the conference please click the Eventbrite Registration button above. Please complete requested details and select which conference sessions you would like to attend.

Links to each virtual session will be sent to your specified email address 24 hours before the start time.

Please note: all attendees will be automatically registered for the opening and closing conference sessions