Tyfu Cymru has now delivered over 1,262 training days with over 3,000 participants in training from across Wales. As a project team, we are delighted to have been able to have established 35 networks, and to have assisted 399 enterprises. 90% rated the various training provisions as good or excellent, and 70% said they had developed new technical horticulture skills.

Based on data collected from participants, we estimate a growth in employees of 8.5 and net growth in turnover of £3.2m as a result of the project, equating to a return of £2.25 for every £1 spent.

Some of the participants said:

“The support was excellent and having an expert come out and look at your site and identify the key problems and how to solve them was brilliant.” (Participant Survey – 2021)

“I had no idea there was support like this out there and it’s been exceptional so far. The courses and training that's available is amazing. The information they have seems to be endless. The expertise, it's just exceptional.” (Participant Survey – 2021)

Tyfu Cymru have been very supportive and the staff are very helpful. They have a lot of different support available and provide excellent advice and information.” (Participant Survey – 2021)