Tyfu Cymru supports Welsh horticulture businesses across both the edible and ornamental sectors. We are fortunate to work with industry experts to deliver the most relevant training, disseminate up to date technical information and provide industry insights to businesses engaged with the project.

One of our training experts, David Talbot, a Horticulture Consultant with ADAS, recently spoke to AHDB’s Wayne Brough about the future of weed control in hardy nursery stock.

This discussion is in relation to the AHDB horticulture trial aimed at improving weed control in hardy nursery stock by means of chemical, biopesticide and cultural approaches. The trial, now in its fourth and final year, reviews chemical and cultural weed control techniques used in other countries on hardy nursery stock, focusing on chemicals and techniques that have potential to be employed under UK conditions and regulations.

You can read the full article on the AHDB website. Full details and progress reports on the weed control trial can be found here.

David Talbot has recently delivered a webinar for Tyfu Cymru on Integrated Pest Management for ornamental growers, which is available on the Tyfu Cymru Knowledge Hub.