Do you have a website but are not getting visitors or sales? Maybe you want to improve business promotion via social media but not sure where to start? Or are you looking to get started with email marketing?

Tyfu Cymru are here to support you to get your business online, starting on Friday 26th June Tyfu Cymru will launch bitesize breakfast webinars for commercial horticulture businesses, with Eddy Webb from InSynch. Come and join us to see how you can increase sales online in easy bitesize, practical steps.

In addition to the bitesize webinars Tyfu Cymru can offer one to one sessions with Eddy - choose a slot at a time to suit you and discuss your needs and develop a tailored plan for your business. This is 100% funded by Tyfu Cymru and can cover a range of options such as:

  • Getting started with creating a Website
  • Creating a plan for digital marketing
  • Measuring the performance of a Website to show what works and what could be improved
  • Looking at potential website improvements to increase sales or enquiries
  • Keeping in touch with your customers - Getting started with Email Marketing
  • How to get more people on an email marketing list
  • Suggesting improvements for social media
  • Finding out what words to use on your Website to get more visitors

The one to one session can run remotely and are approximately 1.5 hours long and completely tailored to your needs. Eddy can help shape and plan and support you in steps to bring alive your online marketing and improve sales. 

Eddy has already supported many horticulture businesses to improve their digital marketing. Including Farmyard Nurseries, who said: “We did, in fact, participate in the digital marketing and social media course twice because I was so blown away by it and there was so much content to take in and learn. The trainer was an incredible speaker and really knew his stuff.” Read more.

And more recently, Honey Brook, a nursery based in Powys. Owner Mercedes was looking to improve her online sales. Eddy successfully supported Mercedes to increase visitors to her site by 500% over 3 months, she says: ‘We have been so busy during the pandemic, and that is purely down to the website changes. I highly recommend you join the courses with Eddy’. See what Mercedes has to say about the support in the video below.

Please contact for further information.

Digital Marketing Bitesize Breakfast Webinars Schedule

Fri, Jun 26 - 09:00 AM
Breakfast Bite-Size Webinar: Facebook Advertising
Join us for a Friday morning breakfast webinars focusing on online marketing. These bite-size 15 minute sessions will tackle a different topic each week, starting with some top tips on Facebook Advertising specifically tailored to the horticulture industry. Register here.
Fri, Jul 17 - 09:00 AM
Breakfast Bite-Size Webinar: Setting up a shop on Facebook
In this 15-minute webinar find out how to set up an online shop via Facebook or perhaps see how you can make small changes to increase sales. Specifically tailored to tailored to the horticulture industry. Register here.
Fri, Aug 7 - 09:00 AM
Breakfast Bite-Size Webinar: Start to look at Google Analytics
Do you want to understand what would attract more customer visits to your website and convert these visits to sales? This 15-minute webinar will outline what is google analytics and why use it for your website. Register here.
Fri, Sep 4 - 09:00 AM
Breakfast Bite-Size Webinar: How to make minor changes to your website to get found on Google
Do you want to attract more visits to your website? This 15-minute webinar will give you tools on how to pull out minor website changes so your website climbs the Google ranks. Register here.