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Weed Control in Pumpkin

Effective weed control in pumpkin is essential in growing a crop that maximizes its potential.

Weed control should be carried out before and after planting, although the reduced range of actives will mean that you are unlikely to achieve a perfectly clean crop.

Given in the factsheet is some general guidance on weed control, but it is highly recommended that suitably qualified agronomic advice is sought throughout the season which may be available through the Tyfu Cymru program.

Download the factsheet: Weed Control in Pumpkin



Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information and recommendations given in these notes.  All applications of crop protection chemicals should be made in accordance with label recommendations, which should be consulted before spraying.  Some of the pesticides mentioned in these notes may not be supported by label recommendations for their use on pumpkin crops but are permissible via Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU) in the UK under ‘The Revised Long Term Arrangements For Extension Of Use (2002)’. 

In these cases, the use of the pesticide is at the risk of the user and Tyfu Cymru does not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by such use. The references to on-label approvals and EAMUs for use of pesticides in pumpkin crops and are correct at the time of writing. These are subject to change and approval may be withdrawn at any point. It is the grower's responsibility to check approvals before use of pesticides. If in doubt a grower should seek advice from a BASIS qualified advisor - this is available free of charge for eligible growers through the Tyfu Cymru program, please contact us to arrange a visit to your site. 

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