Tyfu Cymru is a five-year programme delivered from 2018 to 2023 that seeks to build the capacity and capability of the Welsh commercial horticulture sector. It is being delivered by Lantra, a Sector Skills Council and Awarding Organisation in land-based industries, who have secured £3 million of Rural Development Programme (RDP) funding to deliver the project.

The project provides a blend of strategic leadership, skills development, training and support tailored to individual enterprises’ requirements and needs, along with market intelligence and networking opportunities. Tyfu Cymru supports commercial horticulturists rather than community growers. It incorporates three distinct work packages, namely:

  1. Access to funded training and skills development;
  2. Networking and relationship development through supply chain and engaging as networks; and
  3. A knowledge hub providing industry insights and linking enterprises to other support.

In addition to providing support to horticulturists, the project also seeks to act as an industry voice by working with partners and policy makers to share knowledge and promote the sector. The overarching aim of the project can be summarised as an attempt to enable existing businesses within the horticulture sector in Wales to grow as well as supporting new entrants to the sector.


Evaluation aims

Wavehill have been commissioned to undertake an evaluation of Tyfu Cymru. A theory-based evaluation was conducted in late 2018 to early 2019 in order to outline the programme background and context; its theory of change; and a framework to evaluate the programme going forward. 

The framework identified four key themes for the evaluation:

  • Theme 1: Strategic fit – consideration of how the project fits into the broader support infrastructure and works with other partners to grow the horticulture sector;
  • Theme 2: Management and delivery – a review of the effectiveness of delivery;
  • Theme 3: Outcomes of the support provided; and
  • Theme 4: Value for money and looking forward.

Annual evaluation reports are produced at the end of each year focussing on the four themes outlined above. The initial reports are more process-oriented whilst, as we reach the latter years attention will turn towards outcomes and impacts.

The Year 1 Report (covering the period up to 31st December 2019) was produced in May 2020. This report represents the evaluation of the second year of delivery (i.e. up to December 2020). It focuses on themes 1-3 outlined above with the main emphasis on Theme 2: Management and delivery, although there is also a review of progress against output targets and the initial outcomes achieved. The key findings and recommendations from this report are available to download below.

Download: Tyfu Cymru Evaluation - year 2 - Key Finding and Recommendations


You can request a copy of the full evaluation report by emailing tyfucymru@lantra.co.uk