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Large groups of the same crop make an easy target for pests and soil nutrients are depleted when the ground is occupied by many of the same type of plant. This problem is compounded if the ground is used for the same crop next season – often the soil becomes so impoverished that artificial fertilisers are needed. And soils subjected to the same mechanical processes year after year will inevitably become compacted.

With this in mind, crop planning and rotation needs careful thought and preparation. Details need to be available on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. It's also essential to be able to review previous years in order to plan the next one.

Using applications such as Excel and planning tools can simplify this and provide an easy to check list of tasks to be done as they become necessary and the best thing is that this method can be made as detailed or as simple as you choose.

Join Nick Bean (Springfields Produce), John Addams-Williams (Head of Field Operations, Puffin Produce Ltd) and Chris Creed (Senior Horticultural Consultant, ADAS) as they share their methods for success for field scale growing.

This session will include a Q&A opportunity.