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Tuesday 12th April 10 -12.30

Join Tyfu Cymru’s Edible IPDM network for a Study Day to S&A’s site at Llandow.

Led by S&A staff and ADAS Consultants Chris Creed and Elysia Bartel, the meeting will enable attendees to see and discuss the principles and practices of IPDM (Integrated Pest & Disease Management) in a commercial setting. IPDM in soft fruit production can take advantage of several practices for maintaining optimal crop health while ensuring good yields and sustainability.

We will hear about how they implement these practices, from selecting the most resistant cultivars, crop monitoring to maintain clean plant material, effective substrates, irrigation and nutrient management, modifying the environmental conditions to reduce pest and disease pressures but also creating a growing microclimate to enable the primary use of beneficial predators to control insect pest minimising the use of pesticides.

This study visit is funded by Tyfu Cymru.
Covid safety measures will be in place. Full details will be forwarded to attendees following registration.