With most poinsettias in recent years being imported into the UK from the Netherlands it is great to see one of our quality Welsh Nurseries finding an opportunity to home produce and sell to the Welsh market both shortening the supply chain and reducing the impact on the environment.

The historic Bute Park Nurseries, located less than a mile from the centre of Cardiff has been producing Poinsettia’s for sales to the public and for the wholesale market for the last 10 years. Over this period production has increased from a couple of hundred originally to several thousand plants this year, in a variety of colours. Plants are grown in heated glasshouses on site in a 13cm pot with controlled release fertiliser to keep the plants fed for longer. The plants are delivered by electric van to local garden centres and by keeping the supply chain short, costs remain competitive. The nursery also grow large Metis Cyclamen in 13cm pots.

If anyone is interested please contact Chay Saunders – Nursery Supervisor https://bute-park.com/plant-shop/