Boosting horticulture farming is key to the Welsh Government’s plans to emerge from the coronavirus pandemic and is identified by their Green Recovery Taskforce as a route to accelerating Wales’ transition to a low-carbon economy and a healthier, more equal nation.

The Horticulture Alliance Group will help to define a vision and strategy for the whole horticulture sector across Wales. It will help to co-ordinate and promote opportunities and will work collaboratively to define and overcome some of the challenges the sector faces. The alliance will help shape and define future policy & strategy documents for the likes of industry and Welsh Government such as the Commercial Horticulture Plan 2020 (

Tyfu Cymru’s action plan for the commercial horticulture industry in Wales provides a roadmap and recommends actions to build in-line with Welsh Government’s strategic objectives. It outlines a multi-stakeholder, whole supply chain approach to develop and sustain the commercial production of edible and ornamental horticulture production in Wales for the long term.

The Group membership will comprise those involved in horticulture in Wales who have the desire to see the industry grow and see its profile raised. It will discuss a vision for the sector and the opportunities and challenges the industry faces in Wales. The group will raise awareness of the value of horticulture in all its forms and its wide-reaching benefits in terms of environmental and public health.

The Group will focus on issues affecting horticulture in Wales. Issues examined will include

  • Opportunities
  • Challenges
  • Health and social benefits

The Alliance is made up of representatives of relevant industry, charity, agency and other interested stakeholder groups, and Welsh Government representation from Food Division and Agriculture and Sustainable land. The Alliance has evolved from the RDP group, which was established by Lantra at the beginning of the Tyfu Cymru project (2018) to bring together the RDP (Co-operation and supply chain) funded horticulture projects to encourage collaboration and ensure there was no duplication of work. The group also provided a mechanism for a two-way conversation with Welsh government and an opportunity to feedback on progress for all of the projects. 

The drivers for the work of the Group are:

  • Co-operative working between Welsh Government, industry bodies and representatives and stakeholders
  • Action plan provides a roadmap for the sector
  • Need for the development of an overarching Vision
  • To demonstrate to Welsh Government how the funded projects and contracts involved in horticulture work collaboratively
  • The industrial and environmental characteristics and demographics within Wales being distinct from other UK countries.
  • Review of previous policy work to look at what worked and what did not.

If you would like more information or to get involved in the Horticulture Alliance Group, please contact us on