Tyfu Cymru working with ADAS have identified that the availability of conventional plant protection products (e.g., insecticides and fungicides) for use in horticultural crops has declined in recent years, this trend that is set to continue. Tyfu Cymru set up a IPDM network to help train and support those looking to implement this approach. IPDM aims to encourage and support sustainable crop protection methods through utilisation of natural resources, natural predators and bioprotectants, and the targeted use of agrochemicals.

The programme supports businesses increase productivity through a reduction in losses, reduce the use of agrochemical application and in doing so protecting and enhancing biodiversity, water quality, and soil health. Working with ADAS, Tyfu Cymru's Integrated Pest and Disease Management Network will look to provide training on the recognition of pests, diseases and beneficial insects and will help growers to determine current pressures and needs for their prevention and control.

Last week The Ornamental cluster of the IPDM Network visited Caernafon based young plant producer Seiont Nurseries. Led by ADAS consultants the visit enabled attendees to see and discuss the principles and practices of IPDM in a commercial setting. Topics covered included crop monitoring, nursery hygiene and cultural control measures. Seasonal problems were also discussed, including bacterial leaf spot, downy mildew, bio-controls and timely use of suitable plant protection products. It gave the group the opportunity to share their experiences of using an integrated approach and encouraged peer to per learning.

Michael Luckman from Farmyard Nurseries who attended the study visit said:

"Fantastic event that was well organised. It really provided great insight to how a good larger scale nursery works, with a chance to network with other growers in the trade. I hope to do more and learn from others more experienced in horticulture"

There will be 2 online sessions that will complete this year’s training programme. The Next session for the Ornamental cluster is on Wednesday 13th October at 12pm focusing on Autumn and Winter Disease Risks and associated Crop Management:

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