Professor. Nicola Spence - UK Chief Plant Health Officer and Deputy Director for Plant and Bee Health at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs describes the importance of maintaining biosecurity to prevent the spread of new pests and diseases and protect our industry. Much legislation is in the process of change, and growers need to be aware of the requirements for plant passporting and phytosanitary certificates in relation to plant import and export. This is a very important session and an opportunity to hear about government policy from the UK Chief Plant Health Officer.

Plant Health is an area devolved to Wales. Martin Williams, Head of Plant Health and Biotechnology Unit, Welsh Government, will put the biosecurity legislation into the Welsh context. He will also describe some of the particular issues facing Wales in terms of plant pest and diseases and how Welsh Government is seeking to address them. This presentation is important for growers working in Wales.

Panel discussion Nicola Spence and Martin Williams are joined by Kelvin Hughes, APHA, for a live discussion on the topics they have covered in their presentations. This was an opportunity for Conference participants to put their questions to these leaders in plant health.