Download the Toolkit: Diverify into Hort. Factsheet Landsker.pdf

The start of a new venture always begins with a fresh business idea.

It is easy at this stage to get excited about the future, and often validating the idea, is overlooked. Validation simply means researching your proposition.

The more you can learn about your industry before you commit and take hard actions, like identifying prospective customers, the competition, the finance required, the greater the likelihood that your business will succeed

Once you are confident that your idea has been validated, then you can begin to consider the following areas that are covered in this factsheet. If this is new to you, there may seem to be much to understand but there are many expert professionals able to support you along the way.

Download the toolkit to guide you through the process of starting a Horticultural Attraction: Toolkit: Starting a Horticultural Attraction

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