Download the toolkit: Plant Reproduction Toolkit

This toolkit forms part of the Tyfu Cymru Intermediate Vegetable Seed Training Programme.

Our 12-month seed production training is designed to give you the tools to grow open pollinated vegetable seed crops competently. It will offer you an overview of the political, ethical, and economic context of seed production in Wales. We will cover topics as broad ranging as plant botany, seed cultivation, seed sovereignty and seed justice.

Producing an open pollinated seed crop on your farm can improve the quality of your future crops, increase plant adaptation to local conditions, give you access to new varieties and new skills. Seed production can also bring an added income stream to your farm through contract growing or direct sales in the future.

The course is being delivered as a partnership between Tyfu Cymru and the UK Seed Sovereignty Programme. We will welcome outside teachers to lead on specific topics, as well as working closely with expert trainers from the Heritage Seed Library.

The course will be delivered via online workshops, with the opportunity for in person farm visits in the Summer (COVID-19 restrictions allowing). You will also be asked to produce a seed crop while taking part in the training to give you some practical experience.

The course is designed to be taken as an entire 12-month programme; we do not recommend attending single sessions. One to one mentoring can be provided to those who need it between scheduled sessions.

To register for the programme, please click here. If you have any questions about the programme please contact us at or