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Head Grower at Abbey Home Farm a 1600 acre Mixed Organic Farm in Gloucestershire, grows 80 different crop lines of vegetables and fruit on 15 acres, including Glasshouse, Poly tunnels, Intensive Market Garden, Field Scale Veg and a Silvo-Horticultural agroforestry system.

Andy will give a full in depth guide to integrating Cover crops and Green Manures into a Horticultural System and the role they can play in Soil Health, Nitrogen fixation, Pest and Disease management, Recycling nutrients, Alleviating compaction, PreventingSoil Erosion and Managing Weeds.

Also detailed look at –

  • When to sow?
  • What to sow?
  • How to sow.
  • Good establishment.
  • How to manage.
  • When and how to terminate and incorporate.
  • The particular importance of Green Manures and Cover Crops in field scale veg production.