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Meet at the Barham Centre - Barham Centre Mount, Pisgah, Parkmill, Swansea SA3 2EQ - for 9.30am

Iain Tolhurst has been at the forefront of the UK organic farming movement for over 40 years. His 8 ha farm has won many awards including finalist of “Soil farmer of the year”.

For many decades he has been delivering inspirational speeches and presentations on the farm’s organic and sustainable methods or food production.

Iain will deliver this training workshop at Cae Tan CSA on the Gower where he will talk about his experience and pull in the experience from Tom O’Kane on sustainably producing a wide range of produce for the local community. Iain has been able to maintain a viable and sustainable business on land which is not considered suitable for vegetable production. The integration of crops, a systems approach to pest and disease management and bio-diversity makes for a fascinating and durable agricultural system.

Dealing with pest diseases and weeds is all about creating a systems approach, using biodiversity in the soil and above ground to create a harmonious natural system. Vegetable production makes heavy demands on soil fertility and soil structure and the health of the soil is critical if crops are to do well. The workshop will look at rotations and how to maintain/improve fertility for the health of the soil and the crops grown within it. Water management is covered briefly, given the increased risk of drought this will no doubt be a popular topic.

Key area of focus:

Crop plan and rotations

Pest and disease control-Systems approach

Water management

Wonders of woodchip, ramial chipped wood and green manures within an agroforestry system

This study visit is funded by Tyfu Cymru, Lunch will be provided, but please provide your own transport.
Numbers are restricted to 25 so please book early to secure your place. Maximum 2 per business.