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In this 3rd session the Ornamental breakout room lead by David Talbot will be looking at limiting the impact of Early Summer Pests. Paying particular attention to Whitefly and Thrips

This will include:

• pest monitoring aids / mass trapping
• which predators to introduce and at what frequency / rate
• effective monitoring of the efficiency of Bio controls
• how to decide if you need to increasing rates of predators
• IPDM compatible hotspot treatments.
• the prevention and control of Mealybug will also be covered.

The Edible Breakout room will be introduced by Chris Creed. Peter Seymour ADAS Entomologist and Guy Johnson ADAS Horticulture Consultant will be focusing on Identification of pests and introduced beneficials. Paying particular attention to Aphids in strawberries and raspberries, Mites, and touching on Capsids, thrips, blossom Weevil, pollen beetle and vine weevil.

This will include:

• Pest monitoring aids
• Introduced beneficials – how to recognise the good guys!
• Integrating with controls of mildew and botrytis