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The Diversifying into Horticulture Programme is designed to give non-horticulture based farmers the essential support needed to branch out into the sector. Whether trialling a new idea or making a permanent change to the business, diversifying presents an opportunity to tap into new or existing local and national markets, whilst developing an additional income stream to support the current business model.

In this session, Lucie Taylor, a chartered town planner of 20 years and working for Social Farms and Gardens for the last 7 will set out the current planning regime around polytunnels and other structures commercial growers may need. She will enlighten us on what needs planning permission and how to navigate the planning process with your local planning authority.

Full Programme

We are encouraging participants to sign up to the whole Diversifying programme where possible, which includes 4 webinar sessions and a study tour (covid permitting). To register for the full programme, please click here.