Building the capacity and capability of the Welsh horticulture industry
Our ambition is to build opportunities and to stimulate growth in Wales’ commercial horticulture sector.
Working with supply chain partners to prepare growers and producer owned horticulture companies across Wales to adapt to environmental challenges and position them to capitalise on market opportunities for business development and growth.
Our Services

We aim to stimulating growth in Wales’ commercial horticulture sector through training and development. Our services are tailored to the industry’s requirements, and are drawn on evidence gained from Welsh growers.

About Us

We work with our partners to prepare growers and producers across Wales to adapt for the future and position themselves to capitalise on development and growth opportunities

Our Team

Our experienced team are immersed in delivering support to a range of horticulture businesses, operating in numerous markets, with varying experience, and across diverse sub-sectors.

What's new

Our very own online knowledge hub, a one stop shop for growers to find information, source industry insights and research papers and see the latest industry news.