Stimulating growth in Wales’ commercial horticulture sector through training and development
We work to prepare growers and producers across Wales to adapt for the future and position themselves to capitalise on development and growth opportunities.

Blended support, tailored to you

Our offer includes a blend of strategic leadership, skills development, training and support tailored to industry’s requirements, drawn on evidence gained from expert horizon scanning and analysis of business needs. 

Specifically, we provide:

Playing our part

We also aim to support horticultural growers to play their part in Welsh Government’s ambitious targets for growth contained within the Wales Food and Drink Action Plan.

Horticulture is a key growth sector for Welsh Government and is essential to delivering the goals of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, due to the role it can play in environmental sustainability, public health and the economic regeneration of rural Wales.

Through supporting the innovative and sustainable development of the horticulture industry in Wales and working closely with our stakeholders, our goal is to support the Welsh Government to realise its ambitious objectives for growth and rural development.