Supporting commercial horticulture businesses based in Wales

TyfuCymru will focus on working with and supporting commercial horticulture businesses* in the edibles, non-edibles and ornamental sectors in Wales.

For eligibility businesses must demonstrate they are looking to engage with the project, must be willing to be included in measuring success and must provide relevant information to TyfuCymru throughout the duration of the project for reporting purposes. 

*For the purposes of TyfuCymru, we have defined a commercial horticulture business as one which is registered as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, is active and generating turnover and be able to provide evidence of this.


Our criteria

We support all sizes of registered horticulture businesses, small to large scale, organic, non-organic or growing to organic principles. Our only criteria are that you must: 

  • Be a commercial horticulture business
  • Be ready to fully engage with TyfuCymru
  • Be based or growing in Wales*

What is not included are any community growers or community supported agriculture enterprises as they may access support through the Tyfu Fyny project.

*Businesses outside of Wales cannot be supported unless they have a registered horticulture business and are actively growing in Wales for that business.  If you are registered in England we may ask for your holding number in Wales as proof of business activity.

If you meet the criteria, please contact us for further information.


Not a grower, but have something to offer?

We are always happy to collaborate, so if you run a business support programme, help businesses work smarter or are a horticulture consultant, trainer or specialist, we’d love to hear from you. Collaboration makes us stronger, so let’s talk.