Our Values
What matters to you, matters to us
Underpinning the work we do is a set of shared values which act as a foundation to the way we deliver support to the Welsh Horticulture Industry.
Working together

We value teamwork, we work with our team, our partners, our stakeholders, and with you to support you to achieve your goals, through mutual respect as individuals and as team members. We truly believe that collaboration makes us stronger.

Playing our part

We support the innovative and sustainable development of the industry in Wales, that’s why sustainability is one of our core values. Wales is built with a wealth of natural resources and we need the sustainable business, skills and innovation to keep, grow and protect our foundations.

Counting on us

We believe that reliability is key to supporting our clients. We are professional, give you our utmost commitment, and to treat you as we’d treat our own people.

Delivered with passion

We are passionate about what we do, and are devoted to achieving our shared goals. We pledge that every client receives our full effort, passion and commitment. 

Making a difference

Continually striving to improve our services to support you to grow and adapt, together we can grow the Welsh horticulture industry. We promise to understand the individual organisation you are.