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Tyfu Cymru News Round-up

4th March – 10th March 2019

This week has been a week of celebrations (and hashtags)! We began with #NationalApprenticeshipWeek, moved on to #PancakeDay, #PlantPowerDay and #InternationalWomensDay, but most importantly we end with #TyfuCymruNewsRound-upDay! We bring you our favourite horticulture news from the week.

National Apprenticeship Week

Hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for any business to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce. This week was National Apprenticeship Week, which saw many businesses celebrate their apprentices and highlighted the benefits they have gained.

Apprenticeships are a way for individuals to earn while they learn gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role. Employers who have an established apprenticeship programme reported that productivity in their workplace had improved by 76% whilst 75% reported that apprenticeships improved the quality of their product or service.

It's #NationalApprenticeshipWeek

Would an apprentice bring value to your horticulture business? Is this an opportunity to address a skills gap? And how would you go about offering an apprenticeship? Find out more:

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Season Workers Pilot

The seasonal workers pilot, announced by the Home Secretary and Environment Secretary in September 2018, has now opened…

2,500 workers will be able to come to the UK in each year of the 24-month scheme, though the NFU estimates 80,000 people are needed annually to harvest British crops. The pilot will test the effectiveness of the immigration system at helping to alleviate seasonal labour shortages during peak production periods, whilst maintaining robust immigration control and ensuring there are minimal impacts on local communities and public services.

The pilot will run until the end of December 2020 and will be reviewed before any decisions are taken on running a future scheme. We look forward to hearing the results.

The seasonal workers pilot, announced by the Home Secretary and Environment Secretary in Sep 18, has now opened.

The pilot will mean fruit and vegetable farmers are able to employ up to 2,500 non-EU migrant workers for seasonal work for up to 6 months.

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) March 6, 2019


Hedges to Reduce Pollution…

In a paper published in Atmospheric Environment, researchers looked at how three types of road-side green infrastructure – trees, hedges, and a combination of trees with hedges and shrubs – affected the concentration levels of air pollution.

The study used six roadside locations in Guildford, UK, as test sites where the green infrastructure was between one to two metres away from the road. The researchers found that roadsides that only had hedges were the most effective at reducing pollution exposure, cutting black carbon by up to 63 percent. Roadsides with only trees showed no positive influence on pollution reduction at breathing height (usually between 1.5 and 1.7m), as the tree canopy was too high to provide a barrier/filtering effect for road-level tailpipe emissions.

Urban planners should plant hedges, or a combination of trees with hedges – if they are to most effectively reduce pollution exposure from cars in near-road environments, finds a new study from the University of Surrey.

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Getting out and about…

This week we celebrated #PlantPowerDay by attending the #GreenProtein event ran by Nutri-Wales. It was interested to listen to the debate and views surrounding the current interest in plant-based products, to listen to the stats surrounding the growth in the market, but also to look at the realities as to the actual size of the market. Some of the topics included - Soya and other key inputs to both livestock and human food supply is generally imported. How far away are we from having a substitute that can be home grown? Which markets are the best examples of the new products we might have to produce? New ways of producing food such as aqua culture or Controlled Environment Agriculture; are they realistic for Wales producers and processors?

We also welcomed John Worle who held a Tyfu Cymru workshop on apple orchard maintenance. John has many years’ experience in the cider industry and in 2006 set up his own cider apple tree nursery in Herefordshire and since that time has grown over half a million bare rooted trees for growers. The workshop covered sourcing and buying the right apple trees for your business, preparation and planting, pruning, disease control, managing trees and aftercare. Thank you to John and those who attended. We now look forward to upcoming events in the next few weeks, including the RWAS Demonstration and Innovation Day!

Celebrating #plantpowerday at the green protein event with animated discussions, followed by networking on #greenprotein. #foodanddrinkwales #nutriwales

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) March 7, 2019

Great insight into the growth and benefits of #greenprotein to farmers and consumers from the panel #foodanddrinkwales

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EVENT: Demonstration and Innovation Day🚜

Tues 19th March 2019. 11am.
@ Royal Welsh Showground, LD2 3SY

Featuring 6 guest speakers.

Free Entry -limited spaces
Register via: or 01982 554412 #robotics #livestocktech #drones #soilmanagement #Security

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We enjoyed reading about some of the inspiration Women in horticulture this week as we celebrated International Women’s Day. International Women's Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year and is a focal point in the movement for women's rights. There have been incredible, inspirational women in horticulture over the years and we joined in with celebrating some of them on Friday.

Excellent work by #female scientists @walesbotanic!#InternationalWomensDay @GTFCymru

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) March 8, 2019


Wangari Maathai, the woman who founded the Green Belt Movement which led to the planting of over 50 million trees in Africa and created jobs for women.#IWD2019

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— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) March 8, 2019

Beatrix Havergal founded a Horticultural School for Women...

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) March 8, 2019

#WomeninHorticulture - International Women's Day: Trail-blazing women of Kew

Women gardeners were employed for the first time at Kew, and on equal pay, decades before women gained the vote.

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