Eat Them To Defeat Them

Tyfu Cymru News Round-up

21st January - 27th January 2019

On the week that started with #BlueMonday, with cold temperatures and snow hitting parts of the UK, but ending with a spread of love for St Dwynens Day, we bring you our favorite horticulture news items from the week.



Since first becoming involved with VegPower back in October 2017 when Tyfu Cymru made their #vegpledge we have enjoyed following the progress.

From launching the crowdfunding in May, to the increasing press coverage achieved, we have eagerly awaited the launch of this advertising campaign – and we are not disappointed!

The #EatThemToDefeatThem campaign aims to inspire people (especially aimed at children) to eat more vegetables. Well done to all involved!

Awesome concept and advert! Great to see #vegetables take center stage. Well done @VegPowerUK and all involved! #EatThemToDefeatThem

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 25, 2019

Brilliant! #EatThemToDefeatThem 🥦🥕🍅

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 25, 2019


Vegetable Waste as Products

This week two products which use vegetable waste in new and innovative products hit the headlines.

A range of low calorie fermented flours – from by-products of fruits and veggies usually thrown away, including a Pino Noir flour made from the skins and seeds of fermented grapes designated for wine – which has a mild wine smell and flavour.

And a savoury and spicy drink made from pickled vegetable brine – Bryner, which helps sustainably minimise food waste and functions as a natural way to replenish electrolytes after exercising.

Do these innovative solutions provide any inspiration for products we could be making in Wales with our food waste?


Another example of using fruit and veg waste for innovative products...

A range of low calorie fermented flours created using orange, beetroot, fig, carrot, as well as the skins and seeds of fermented grapes destined for wine!

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 23, 2019

Pickled vegetable brine used to form a functional beverage...

We wonder what products Welsh growers could be making to help minimise waste? 🤔 #foodwaste #innovation #sustainability #functionalfood

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 22, 2019


Nitrogen for Flower Growth

Levity Conscience published its latest research on how nitrogen affects the growth of plants. 

The research focused on marigold, pansy, petunia and geranium plants, demonstrating how the agronomy specialists’ Lono product delivers better rooting, faster growth, higher chlorophyll and 25-130% more flowers.

Nitrogen can boost flower growth - Research has demonstrated how the correct delivery of nitrogen to ornamental plants can significantly improve flowering, growth habit, and the ability to withstand stress -

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 21, 2019


Fruit Network Launch

We were proud to launch the Tyfu Cymru Fruit Network at Littywood Farm Ltd last week. The launch event provided Welsh soft fruit growers with hands-on experience of commercial best-practice alongside cutting edge innovation.


A few snaps from the TyfuCymru #FruitNetwork launch event at Littywood Farm Ltd last week.

Great to kick start the network by providing attendees with hands-on experience of commercial #best-practice alongside cutting edge #innovation. @littywood

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 22, 2019


Plastic Free Loose Fruit & Veg Trialed

Over 90 lines of fresh fruit and veg will be sold loose in a bid to stamp out unnecessary plastic.

M&S say the range extends beyond hard fruit and veg such as potatoes and bananas to more fragile offerings such soft fruit, which will be sold in compostable punnets.

The in-store greengrocers will also provide tips on how to preserve fresh produce and prevent food waste at home, with “best before” labels also being removed from fresh produce as part of the trial.


M&S to trial plastic free loose fruit & veg

— TyfuCymru (@TyfuCymru) January 20, 2019

We look forward to seeing what next week has in store!