flowers growing

With only around 10% of the flowers regularly on offer to the public in supermarkets being from British farms, NFU has launched its new NFU Plants and Flowers Pledge and is challenging retailers to back British plants and flowers growers by committing to delivering fairness in the supply chain.

The new pledge builds on the already successful NFU Fruit and Veg Pledge which has secured commitments that cover over half of the fresh produce sold through the UK’s biggest retailers. The NFU Plants and Flowers Pledge ensures that ornamental suppliers are covered by the principles of the Groceries Supply Code of Practice in the same way as fresh produce suppliers.

It also sets out best practice for managing promotions, the need for longer term agreements, and challenges the industry to increase the proportion of British plants and flowers available for consumers to buy. Aldi has become the first retailer to sign the new pledge, adding it to their existing commitments under the NFU Fruit and Veg Pledge.

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