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Want to venture into your own horticulture business? Or, want to scale down or take a step back from the industry? Have you considered a joint venture?

Farming Connect’s new Venture programme provides a ‘matchmaking’ service and/or support for farmers (including horticulture) looking to scale down or exit the industry for people who are finding it hard to break into running their own grower business, as well as providing information, training and guidance to support you on the path to establishing your joint venture.

There is support through the venture programme for an integrated package of training, mentoring, business support and specialist legal advice, tailored to your personal and business requirements.  There are a couple of horticulture opportunities open, please see note below:

Summary of current Venture Opportunities (Horticulture)

  • Haverfordwest, 24 hectares – Reference no: 87

  • St David’s, 1.2 hectares – Reference no: 239

  • Hay on Wye, 60 hectares - Reference no: 169

If you're interested in viewing the full profiles for those providing Venture opportunities visit the Farming Connect website and complete a Seeker profile.

Provider Profile (For those looking to offer an opportunity)

Seeker Profile (For those seeking an opportunity)

For more information please see: