Horticulture talent pool

To continue to grow the Welsh horticulture industry and to sustain growth, we need to invest in the next generation of growers.

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Developing skills, nurturing talent, and ensuring you future proof your skills is vital to the success of the industry and your business. With our horticulture talent pool we aim to:

  • Inspire a new generation of leaders
  • Work with individuals to identify and develop specific horticulture skills
  • Enhance horticultural knowledge 
  • Provide enhanced training and development 
  • Develop and nurture the next generation of growers

We can support you to identify skills you may already be missing, or might need in the future and work with you and the next generation of growers to fill your skills gap.

This service is currently under consultation with the anticipation of launching in year two of the project. If you would like to contribute your views to help us shape this service, please do get in touch.