Guidance on Importing, Exporting and Moving plants following the UK's withdrawal from the EU

Changes to plant health regulations will come into force for the UK on 1 January 2021 owing to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. These will directly affect commercial horticulture.

There are a lot of changes. However, if you are already engaged with with importing and exporting these will be largely familiar. If you move plants within the UK, or are just coming to import/export there will be new activities for you but there is a lot of advice available. Your first point of call should be your APHA Plant Health and Seeds Inspector.

The regulations are to increase biosecurity and protection from plant pests and diseases. Businesses who sell plants and plant products need to be aware, and if relevant to them, act on these regulations. It is essential that, where a business is involved in import or export, business-to-business trade, online trade and distance sales (including home deliveries), they understand the regulations.

For the latest guidance and resources please click the links below:

Download - Latest guidance for Importing and Exporting - 16th December 2020

Download - Additional guidance and resources for Importing and Exporting - 21st December 2020

Download - Importing, Exporting and Moving plants, between GB and Northern Ireland Example Guidance to finding information (January 2021)