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Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our project.

1. What is the project?

TyfuCymru will build the capacity and capability of the Welsh horticulture industry. Working with supply chain partners it will prepare growers and producer owned horticulture companies across Wales to adapt to these environmental challenges and position them to capitalise on market opportunities for business development and growth. This project will support the Welsh Government to realise its ambitious objectives for growth and rural regeneration through the innovative and sustainable development of the horticulture industry in Wales.  

2. What does it cover?

A pan Wales project to support commercial horticulture grower businesses including edibles, non-edibles and organic.

3. Who is it funded by?

TyfuCymru is funded through Welsh Government Cooperation and Supply Chain Development scheme

4. Who is eligible for support?  

TyfuCymru  supports commercial horticulture grower businesses based in Wales including edibles, non-edibles or ornamentals. The project supports all sizes of registered horticulture businesses, small to large scale, organic, non organic or growing to organic principles. For the purposes of TyfuCymru, we have defined a commercial horticulture business as one which is registered as a sole trader, partnership or limited company, is active and generating turnover and be able to provide evidence of this.
Although there is no set turnover or land area criteria, for eligibility businesses must demonstrate they are looking to engage with the project, be included in measuring success and provide relevant information to TyfuCymru throughout the project for reporting purposes.  

As this project focuses on supporting commercial horticulture growers, we are unable to provide direct support, but aim to work and engage with the following:

  • Community growers (even though they maybe registered as a business) or community supported agriculture enterprises as they are supported by the TyfuFyny project.
  • Businesses over the border in England cannot be supported unless they have a registered horticulture business and are actively growing in Wales for that business. If you are registered in England we may ask for your holding number in Wales as proof of business activity.
  • Horticulture retailers or garden centres not growing themselves
  • Horticulture manufacturing – including tools, equipment and machinery/ancillary items
  • Horticulture contractors such as self-employed gardeners
  • Visitor gardens and attractions (visitor gardens) - not growing commercially
5. I run a commercial horticulture business, how do I get involved?

Please get in touch using the contact us form, and remember to sign up to our newsletter for regular updates.

6. What support do you offer?

TyfuCymru Delivery will be focused around the following workstreams

  • Funded Innovative training and skills development based on a Training Skills Assessment
  • Supply chain and cluster support
  • One stop knowledge hub offering an industry voice. 
7. Can I get funding for my horticulture business?

You can apply to TyfuCymru for support under the workstreams above (Question 6). You must be growing commercially to the eligibility criteria in question 4. If you have any questions regarding eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact us on

8. How do I find out more about TyfuCymru?

You can find further information on our facebook page TyfuCymru and Twitter @Tyfucymru or sign up for our updates on this website. Alternatively, contact Alice Coleman at 379669. 

9. I grow for myself and support community growing can TyfuCymru help me?

You can access support through Tyfy Fyny. We can still keep you up to date with our TyfuCymru project through our social media and through signing up for updates.

10. What other support is out there for my horticulture business?

There are other projects that may be able to support, such as Project Helix, Business Wales, Superfast Business Wales, Cywain and farming connect. Further details: One Stop Shop

If you are unable to find an answer to your question, please get in touch by emailing